Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sharp to Launch Solar Cells with Highest Conversion Rate

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Tokyo, June 4, 2008 (Jiji Press) - Sharp Corp. <6753> said Wednesday that it is set to launch residential polycrystalline solar cell panels with what the firm claims to be the industry's highest solar-to-electric conversion rate.

The new product, Sunvista, will be released on June 18, coming in five models.

The solar panels can cut losses in power collection as they have three main electrodes compared with two in conventional products. The electrodes are thinner so that the surface of the panels to absorb light are expanded, while low-reflection glass is used for the panels.

As a result, the most efficient model boasts a conversion rate of 14.4 pct, better than 13.7 pct for a Kyocera Corp. <6971> product, which represents the highest rate at present.

The conversion rates for the four other models range from 10.1 pct to 13.9 pct.

The panels are likely to retail at between 46,410 yen and 99,330 yen per unit. Sharp aims to produce 17,000 units per month.


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