Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bridgestone ships 10 millionth runflat tire

The Bridgestone Corporation Company logo

The company claims that its runflat tires continue to operate at a specified speed for a specified distance after losing pressure under normal conditions at 0kPa air pressure. This reportedly improves safety in the event of a sudden loss of pressure as with a puncture, by ensuring that handling remains steady.

The Bridgestone group has said that it recognizes runflat tires as strategic products. As runflat tires can also contribute greatly to safety and reduce environmental burden, Bridgestone is hoping yo strive to further permeate and expand the market.

Bridgestone is seeking to achieve stable supply of runflat tires to automakers and drivers the world over in the future. The company produces runflat tires at six plants in Japan, the US, Poland and South Africa.

Automotive Business Review.

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