Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sony develops the most efficient Fuel Cell

Sony has developed a fuel cell capable of generating 100 milliwatt-hours of power per sq. centimeter at room temperature, the highest generation efficiency ever achieved by a "direct methanol-type" device.

The firm attained this level of efficiency, about 60% higher than that possible using conventional technologies, by reducing the amount of power generation loss caused when methanol oozes out of the fuel cell into the atmosphere, company sources said.

The reduction was achieved by increasing the ability of the cell's electrolytic membrane to block the methanol to a level two to five times higher than other technologies.

In making the membrane, Sony used molecules called fullerenes.

Source: FuelCellWorks.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Juroku Bank Adopts Hitachi's Finger Vein Authentication System for ATM Machines

Tokyo (JCN) Nov 24, 2005- Hitachi announced on November 21 that the Juroku Bank in Gifu has adopted its proprietary finger vein authentication system and will begin offering a biometrics service for customers on December 26.

The bank will issue a cash card embedded with an IC chip and install automated teller machines (ATMs) with a finger vein authentication system provided by Hitachi. Hitachi will provide comprehensive support to the bank in everything from issuing smart cash cards to installing the authentication system to ATMs.

Initially the service will be available at the bank's head office and its Gifu Chuo Branch. The bank plans to deploy ATMs with the finger vein authentication system at all branches. With this move, the bank aims to reinforce its security measures and prevent crimes, such as unauthorized withdrawal and credit card skimming.

By Aki Tsukioka, JCN Staff Writer

From: JCNNetwork.

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Transcend Japan's 8GB USB Flash Memory Drive

"Transcend claims that this is the largest USB flash memory drive in the world."