Thursday, June 12, 2008

Epson Toyocom Develops "Thinnest" kHz-band Crystal Unit

Epson Toyocom Corp has succeeded in commercially developing a new tuning-fork crystal unit. Said to be the world's thinnest kHz-band crystal unit, the FC-13E, has a maximum thickness of just 0.48mm.

Leveraging on the company's QMEMS technology and capitalizing on its proprietary packaging technology, the company is able to produce an ultra-miniature tuning-fork crystal chip. The material thickness of the package has been optimized, and the package is hermetically sealed with a gold-tin alloy.

The crystal unit is approximately 20% thinner than the company's previous offering, which has a maximum thickness of 0.6mm. By trimming the maximum thickness down to 0.48mm from 0.6mm, the company enables the realization of secure, thin smart cards equipped with a time management function. Frequency tolerance, an indicator of accuracy, is ±100 x 10-6. The FC-13E is EU RoHS compliant, and will enter volume production this month (June 2008).


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