Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Toshiba’s new 1.8-inch 40GB perpendicular drive

"The MK4007GAL does 40GB on a single platter, which means thinner portable audio players with fewer read/write heads (and thus fewer points of failure). Their new Gigabeat F41 will apparently use the new perpdrive, and they’ve plans to release an 80GB version, the MK8007GAH, later this year."
Read on at Engadget.


Sivanesan said...

Its getting bigger and bigger in gigs, and smaller in size! wonder if Ipod would use this drive.

Anonymous said...

I think Toshiba should take advantage of their expertise and try to get a lead on the IPOD with this technology.
Their Gigabeat might have a chance, but hard to tell, ipod has momentum. FYI: In each Ipod is a Toshiba and Hitachi Microdrive.

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