Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Showa Shell to Launch Commercial Production of Next-generation CIS Solar Battery in 2007

"Tokyo (JCN) - Showa Shell Sekyu has announced production of next-generation CIS (copper, nidium, selenium) solar batteries on a commercial basis in 2007.

Photovoltaic power generation that utilizes inexhaustible solar energy is expected to play a crucial role in curbing global warming.

Showa Shell has worked on solar batteries since 1978 with the aim of making them a new business and developed technologies to improve conversion efficiency and produce solar batteries in commercial volume.

Leveraging such technologies, the company will construct the world's first CIS solar battery plant for commercial production, beginning in December 2005.

To be located in Miyazaki Prefecture, the plant will have a capacity to produce 20MW of batteries per year. Commercial production is expected to start in the beginning of 2008."

From JCNNetwork.

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