Saturday, October 06, 2007

Japan's Elpida Develops World's Fastest DRAM

Tokyo, Oct 5, 2007 (Jiji Press) - Japan's Elpida Memory Inc. <6665> said Friday it has developed the world's fastest dynamic random access memory.

The 512-megabit DRAM, which achieves a data transfer rate of 9.6 gigabytes per second, has a data-processing capacity six times greater than industry-standard levels, Elpida said.

Potential applications include high-definition television sets, video game consoles and other products requiring powerful capacities for high-definition image data.

Sample shipments will start in December and mass-production is seen beginning in April 2008.


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Joe said...

Samsung came out with 8.0 gb/s dram WAAAAAAY back in 2005.

2 years later we got 8.6gb/s lol