Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mitsubishi to Unveil Electric Vehicle with On-roof Solar Cells

"Mitsubishi Motors Corp. announced, Sept. 7, 2007, that it will exhibit three concept cars at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.

One of the cars that will make its worldwide debut is the i MiEV SPORT. Based on the i MiEV, the new vehicle enhances the driving experience. The i MiEV is an electric vehicle based on the platform of the light car i, which drives the rear wheels by a motor. In contrast, the i MiEV SPORT employs, in addition to the rear motor, in-wheel motors at left and right sides in the front to enhance maneuverability.

To increase the utilization efficiency of energy, the i MiEV SPORT is equipped with a photovoltaic generator attached on the roof and a power-generating fan inside the front grill. The photovoltaic generator has a generation efficiency of 13%, and recharges the battery while the car is parked.

When lit by the sun for about 1 week, an energy corresponding to 10% of the battery capacity (equivalent to a cruising distance of 20 km) can be recharged. When the car is slowing down, the fan inside the front grill is rotated for the power generation."

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