Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bandai's New Cockroach Robot Toy


"Bandai's newest high-tech toy? A translucent robot modeled after real cockroaches. This little thing has six legs, a touch sensor that tells it to change directions when it hits a wall, a micro monitor that makes it vibrate like a cell phone, and a mic sensor that lets it scuttle away when you make loud noises.

After experimenting with several different bugs, the creators decided that the cockroach's movements and speed were the most compatible with battery efficiency and design. You can also get models with bodies resembling ladybugs, but they're still going to move like roaches.

The Hex Bug comes out in mid-September and will retail for about $15/each."

Press release (in Japanese, via ImpressWatch)

article from TokyoMango.com

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